Worlds First Salt and Clove Rinse

About SeaSaline

Are you thinking about the chemicals & metals in your mouthwash? Are we worried of the harmful side effects Mouthwashes have!! Worry no more as SeaSaline brings to you a completely herbal solution. SEASALINE is a salt based (Non Sweat) oral rinse composition which endeavors to bring hygiene to your daily rinsing habit. An all natural recipe with excellent benefits of Clove as the super ingredient, it has everything that we knew for generations to benefit oral care, pain and hygiene.

SeaSaline carries antimicrobial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which provide a clean, hygienic and germ free oral environment. Effective in numerous oral ailments, it can be procured as a prescription or OTC product. Advised for use post each meal or even after something was chewed upon SeaSaline reaches the hard to reach spots and provides a natural instant clean feel.

SeaSaline conducted surveys during product development & was first introduced within the dental practitioner community for trial and feedback. Dentists or ENT practitioners usually never prescribe any mouthwash brands available in the market. SeaSaline was not only well received, but also began being prescribed for various ailments immediately. Product acceptance rates at practitioners remain in the high 70th percentile since introduction. Successful dentists with multiple decades of practice have lent support to the geniuinity of the product.

Against popular belief established mouthwash brands are known for their tendency to stain teeth or erode tooth enamel at a basic level and lead to cancer and other life threatening conditions on prolonged use. Chemical and alcohol based mouthwashes could react with daily consumables like dairy & other products.

Chewing gum or chewable mouth freshers are another disaster we subject our teeth and gums to. Using SeaSaline after such habits helps undo some of the damage such products cause. However the life threatening problems linked to popular  mouthwashes can only be limited by shifting to natural products such as SeaSaline.

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