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Bad Breath (Halitosis)

Patients of bad breath are usually not aware that they smell awful be it with their partners, in interviews, meetings, gatherings or parties. This has the potential of costing you your girl / boy friend, jobs, invitations & more. Not only do you get undermined, its common for others to avoid you. India is a country of spices and a majority of our food comes with strong spice fragrances.

Common components of bad breath are hydrogen sulphide (rotten egg smell), dimethyl sulphide  (rotting cabbage smell) and methyl mercaptan (metallic odor). Methyl mercaptan a toxic compound has tendencies of deeper tissue penetration, slowing healing. Hydrogen sulphide produced by oral bacteria is primarily responsible for deadening of sense of smell and affecting the nervous system.

  • Bad breadth could be detected up to 10 feet
  • Bad breadth has the ability to fill a small room within minutes without the patient actually knowing it
  • Bad breadth patients usually don’t know of the problem till someone tells them
  • It may be a good idea to ask your partner or friends if you have a bad breath condition as research shows 75% population suffer from periodontal diseases & 50% from halitosis
  • Oral bacteria have increasingly become resistant to brushing and general oral hygiene habits
  • Its easily curable and a oral rinse such as SeaSaline is key to resolving such issues as is proper oral hygiene including brushing, floss and tongue cleaning
  • SeaSaline reaches the areas brushes don't and also ensures a bacteria free mouth
  • Its always advised to consult your dentist for the best solution

SeaSaline is an all natural herbal composition which brings together the benefits of natural super foods such as salt and clove. Individually both salt and clove have been recognized for carrying anti bacterial, anti microbial, antiseptic and anesthetic properties amongst others. The herbal composition takes care of any resistance that bacterias develop to chemicals.

SeaSaline endeavors to remove chemicals from your oral routine.

The most common sign or symptoms of bad breath are:

  • Unpleasant or changes in taste or sour taste
  • Coating on the tongue
  • Dry mouth

Method and Treatment for Bad Breath

To avoid embarrassing situations people want to check their breath on their own before a meeting, date or social gathering. Following are some of the methods that can help you to test your bad breath:

Hand-Cupping Method:

This method is one of the most popular but is least effective. In this method, you breathe into your cupped hand and breathe in right away after. This method is not effectual as we are used to our own breath.

Wrist Method:

  • Before any other step make sure that your wrist is clean and does not carry any smell of perfume or sweat. If it does, then wash it and dry it.
  • Now lick your wrist with your tongue and wait for 10 seconds.
  • Smell the wrist area where you have licked. In case it smells bad then you probably suffer from bad breath.

Tongue Swab Method:

Take a toothpick, spoon, q-tip, cotton-swab or finger and softly rub it far back of your tongue. Keep the object aside and wait for a minute. Now smell that object. Your breath possibly smells like the smell of used object.

Smelling Toothpicks:

This method is not much reliable as the others methods however it can give you a good idea about your breath. In this method, you need to run a dental floss between your back teeth and then smell it. This can give you an indication of the level of bad breath.

Cheek Pulling Method:

To test your breath by using this method you have to pull your cheeks away from your teeth and bring them back to your teeth at a quick pace. You have to repeat this action a number of times along with sniffing at the same time. If you have bad breath then you may notice an obnoxious odor from your mouth.

The above-mentioned methods may help you to check your condition of bad breath. Thus you will be able to find a suitable solution to cure it and avoid embarrassing situations.

Using SeaSaline on a regular basis completely cures the problem of Bad Breath. Easy to use , free from harmful effects of alcohol, SeaSaline is solution to all your Bad breath related problems.