Worlds First Salt and Clove Rinse

Bad Breath Measurement

Similar to devices that measure alcohol consumption, there are devices that tell you if you have a bad breath condition and its severity. Volatile sulfur compounds (VSC) are comprised of hydrogen sulphide, methyl mercaptan, dimethyl sulphide and other thiols also responsible for halitosis or bad breath condition.

Devices which measure VSC’s are available at established dentists and hospitals to help identify the cause and magnitude of the bad breath problem. Visit your dentists to identify the cause and cure most appropriate to your condition.

Over the years, bacteria have become increasingly resistant to the standard OTC products available in the market. Chemical compounds resistance is a major worry within the Medical and  Pharma domain. Natural products or immunity boosters on the other hand are both potent and capable in conditions of bad breath. Though dentist visits are always advisable, SeaSaline brings together natural anti microbial and anti bacterial properties of salt and clove in one formulation.