Worlds First Salt and Clove Rinse


SeaSaline salt water rinse is a herbal, natural product with wide ranging oral benefits. A composition of distilled water and salt it acts as an excellent anti bacterial formula known to help sooth soar gums and throat. With reduction in availability of "Quality Water & Bacteria Free" salt across the globe, SeaSaline is a quality product focused on natural means of Dental & Oral care.

  • Why use SeaSaline rinse?

    SeaSaline mouthwash is an excellent treatment for when you have wounds in the mouth, for instance due to procedures being carried out or when you’ve had teeth removed. It has multiple benefits owing to clove which for centuries has been used for oral hygiene and cure.

    The reason they are so good is that the salt is not only a natural disinfectant, but it also removes any swelling from the tissues. On the other hand clove is best known for its anti inflammatory, pain relieving and soothing effects amongst others. So using SeaSaline for two or three weeks post surgery, and occasionally afterwords will overall improve your oral hygiene. It also will have benefits for ulcer cure & prevention.

  • Can SeaSaline rinse be used for the long term?

    Mouthwashes are usually never prescribed for long term as all mouthwashes have severe side effects. SeaSaline on the other hand is a natural product with ingredients that are a part of your daily diet. Its best to consult your doctor for use SeaSaline though you are better off using a natural product.

  • How does rinsing with SeaSaline compare to a mouthwash?

    Market Mouthwash's are sometimes more PH neutral than SeaSaline but there is a different problem with mouthwashes. Many mouthwashes have alcohol in them – some as much as 30%, which is a big problem, and that increases the risk of mouth or oral cancer, which is a growing problem.

    Also some studies have linked mouthwash use to BP, heart attacks & pregnancy related complications.

  • What are the benefits of Salt Water Gargle and can SeaSaline be used for Gargle?

    Soreness in the throat can cause throat pain. Soreness of throat is generally due to the infection of the bacterium called Streptococcus (Strep Throat). A strep throat is usually inflamed due to bacteria making widespread damage on our soft tissues. These inflammations (known as edemas) are usually filled with water. When we gargle with warm salt water that is saltier than our body fluids (hypertonic solution), through osmosis the salt draws out the edema fluid.

    Salt draws water from the swollen cells causing pain as well as the bacteria post which the bacteria wither and die. SeaSaline could be used for the purpose as its a staple product with quality ingredients. Clove as an addition to the mix is also expected to help patients find relief faster. Though its advised to consult your doctor before product use.

  • What other benefits does the Salt Water Gargle provide?

    The other benefits are; when the salt water enters the throat, the solution helps to neutralize acids in the throat, restoring the natural pH balance that had been disrupted by the sore throat. The burning sensation is thus relieved & mucous membrane is less irritated helping with healing.

    In addition to neutralizing acid, the salt water gargle helps to wash away unwanted mucus and increase the blood flow to the throat. The capillaries then become dilated, which allows for faster circulation of infection-fighting cells.

  • Can you swallow SeaSaline Mouthwash?

    No SeaSaline products though natural are not for consumption.

  • How safe are the regular mouthwashes available in the market?
    • Hundreds of cases are pending trial for some top brand of mouthwashes causing cancer across the globe. Use of metals, alcohol and detergent components in popular brands are blamed for severe side effects.
    • Some clinical research's done in the United Kingdom in 2014 sounded alarm against regular mouthwashes using antiseptics. During research blood pressure of healthy volunteers rose between 2 and 3.5 units within hours. Small rises in blood pressure have significant impact on morbidity and mortality from heart disease & strokes. For each two-point rise in blood pressure, the risk of dying from heart disease rises by seven per cent, according to separate research.
    • Alcohol based mouth washes on the other hand have come under scrutiny for risks related to preterm birth for pregnant women.
    • Other researches link current mouthwashes with caner risk as well.
    • Most mouthwashes are not approved for young children.

Note. : Things to remember are that in no circumstances should SeaSaline be considered as the only remedy to dental or oral problems. Doctors advice should be sought on all issues