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Mouthwash Burning

Why Mouthwash Burns?

Not only do mouthwashes burn but they inflict a lot more damage you realize when its too late. Mouthwashes contain up to 30% alcohol which is used for its antiseptic properties. To understand this better lets have a comparison with popular drinks we consume:

Brand Alcohol Content %age
Kingfisher Premium 4.8%
Bacardi Breezer 4.8%
Haywards 5000 7%
Malibu 21%
Old Monk Rum 40%

The above explains the burn experienced while you swish other mouthwashes in your mouth. This obviously is not without side effects and you probably already heard of youngsters gulping down mouthwashes to get a high.

Side Effects

  • On the immediate bit resultant is a dried up mouth which is more bad news for bad breath
  • Long term use will cause oral soars owing to the alcohol content
  • Saliva production is impacted owing to dry mouth condition post mouthwash use
  • Saliva is an important component in fighting bad breath and maintaining oral hygiene
  • Staining of teeth is a common concern expressed by the user of mouthwash
  • Long term devastating effects could include cancer, heart ailments and pregnancy related disorders

SeaSaline does not use alcohol but replaces that with water which acts as a hydrant. It does what a mouthwash should without the harmful side effects. Having a herbal and natural mix provides the desired benefits with immunity boosting components.