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Painful Wisdom Teeth

What is Wisdom Tooth?

It is the last tooth that erupts out of all the permanent teeth in your mouth. Expect them to erupt between the age of 17 to 25. With this age being considered as when one attains wisdom, thus the name “Wisdom Tooth. Some people may never attain wisdom teeth but for the rest, they could be one to four in number. For identification, the third set of molars have been coined as the wisdom tooth.

What causes pain in the Wisdom Tooth ?

  • Food lodgment in the area
  • Improper cleaning of the tooth
  • Cavity in the tooth
  • Altered direction of tooth eruption
  • While the tooth is erupting


To know the exact cause of your kind of pain you will have to visit your dentist. A lot of people with pain related to the wisdom tooth would need to have them removed. Usually if your dentist is advising removal, it may be best to have the procedure done early. Brocken or decayed ones would need surgical removal.

Post extraction after 24 hours the SeaSaline rinse will come in handy for acceleration of healing and keeping pain at bay and general hygiene high.