Worlds First Salt and Clove Rinse

Salt & Health Benefits

Chemistry of Salt

Salt Internal & External Benefits

  • Salt has known therapeutic benefits cleansing bacteria related to gum disease and tooth decay
  • Used for warm gargle for generations, salt is known to provide instant relief by sucking out the mucus and supporting with anti inflammatory properties
  • Helps with cleaning of wounds. Remember the expression “throwing salt on a wound”. Thats been a practice to help disinfect the area. This applies to external or oral skin
  • Salt related breathing therapies are effectively used for Asthma and Sinusitis treatments. Salt particles with as small as 1 micron go through the respiratory system breaking down toxic moisture, cleansing and clearing excess mucus, killing harmful bacteria and curing inflammation
  • Salt is not only anti bacterial, its anti viral and anti fungal as well

Salt Formation

Salt & Water

Salt The Super Bug Killer

Salt has been referred to as the little power element by multiple authors. Used for a variety of things is a powerful antibacterial substance. Used for thousands of years, Hippocrates widely considered father of modern medicine, was first to learn about antibacterial nature of salt. Sodium Chloride as its better known reduces water availability inhibiting bacteria growth thus is used as microbial inhibitor.

Its also known to kill oral bacteria which causes gum disease & tough decay on contact.

Anti Histamine

Salt is the best antihistamine known to man!!

Histamine release, causes itchy, burning eyes, skin, rashes and hives, Sneezy & high mucus nose and Stomach related problems of cramps and diarrhea etc.

All our cells need salt and water to remain healthy. We are all aware of the nasal sprays which are pure salt and water used for congestion and running nose.

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention as well as Journal of the American Medical Association have both highlighted need for more salt in prevention of heart attack and cardiovascular disease need we say more.