Worlds First Salt and Clove Rinse

Salt Cures Infection

Since 2000 years, salt has been used to cure a number of skin, respiratory and infection related diseases. Salt water, its steam, combination with honey has been used for centuries for cleaning ulcers and treating skin diseases.

What salt really does is provide its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties to the affected area. In addition it effectively exfoliates, stimulates circulation, hydrates skin, increases moisture retention, regenerates skin cells while detoxifying it and alleviates dry skin.

Salt is also known as the best natural Anti Histamine known to man. Histamine is the body reaction to allergic attack and salt helps control the same without medicine.

SeaSaline uses salt for majority of its benefits listed above. Not only does it provide the necessary benefits needed for oral hygiene, but also does it in a natural herbal formulation.