Worlds First Salt and Clove Rinse

Story Behind SeaSaline

The story of SeaSaline is actually a story of two founders of VYANA Scientific who came together and identified the potential of products largely based on consumer needs. With the predominant ideology of Natural Science and no side effects philosophy, the founders attracted attention of others in the community of startups. Saurabh and Nishant have had successes through their careers and can be counted amongst the few startup founders focussed on innovation in India.

It was really a cold call that brought the two together!! Discussions, meetings and idea exchanges followed and thus the initial SeaSaline idea was coined. Many names, discussions, R&D, testing, registration and compliances later SeaSaline was born.

Within the journey new members jumped onboard and brought with them decades of domain experience. VK, AV, SK, RN & RR have all toiled and spent time to make the product the best consumer focused story there is.

Its developed at amongst the leading labs of the country with 7 locations across India and 350 plus scientists. Manufactured at a 35 year old ISO Certified well known pharma company with more exports than many others and regular audits from Indian and FDA agencies. SeaSaline has the name and fame backing it up to make an effective entry into the consumer market.

The founding team are of a strong belief that as the world tilts to a profit based business methodology, cures available within Ayurveda and Natural Science are increasingly being forgotten. Products today sport more side effects than cures and virtues such as natural immunity are rarely boosted. Isn't it common sense that companies today leave a side effect foot print which will need another product to manage.

VYANA Scientific wants to change all that and with its innovative consumer feedback based approach to development, VYANA founders wish to build what the consumers want. Take our survey on SeaSaline and VYANA Scientific websites to be a part of the change.