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Tooth Abscesses

What is Tooth Abscess?

It is the formation or accumulation of pus that gets collected in the tissue around your tooth like the bone that holds the tooth and the gums around it.

What is inside the Abscess?

It contains a mixture of dead infected tissue with lot of micro organisms like staphylococcus, fungus, viruses and protozoa etc. which have entered the tooth either through a cavity or through gums.

Symptoms of Abscess

  • Swelling in the gum
  • Pain on biting
  • Release of yellow coloured fluid from the area affected by swelling
  • Pain on touching the area affected by swelling
  • Swelled area is red in colour


If you are having the mentioned symptoms you should visit your dentist at the earliest to save your tooth. Follow the treatment advised by the dentist and for faster relief from swelling & quick decrease in infection use SeaSaline oral rinse. SeaSaline uses its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties to make you more comfortable and gives you a speedy recovery.