Worlds First Salt and Clove Rinse

What You Did Wrong All Your Life

Do you brush with doctors advise, most of us don’t. Advertisement based brushing is harmful for your teeth and you will find out only when its quite late. Introducing RINSING as a habit which needs to become a routine savior of our denture. Don’t stop brushing, but replace frequency with rinsing. Rinsing after each meal is THE MOST IMPORTANT activity for your oral hygiene. We call it the CHEWRINSE schedule and augmented with a product that has the best ingredients, you have the best of both worlds.

Why Rinse?

  • Are you looking forward to kissing your partner today?
  • Heading for an interview in business formals, tie’s & scarfs and think you have it covered!
  • Meeting a marriage prospect & you would like to present the best of you!

Your breath is an essential part of your personality. Bad breath will definitely put off the exciting kiss but also could lead to rejection in interviews or meetings for business or personal.

Would you rather have a charming smile and enjoy your meals through your life. Did you know over 90% adults have cavities and more than 30% oldies have no teeth left. Preserve your  teeth with an optimal dental routine Brush twice, Floss once & Herbal immunity booster rinse after each meal.  Continue to have healthy teeth and great oral environment longer through your life. Your mouth is the key to that great kiss, charming smile, good health, sumptuous meals and many things in between.

Rinsing is thus an essential part of our daily routine. The word “CHEWRINSE” signifies the rinsing need post each time of chewing.  This is the second best option to brushing your teeth after chewing anything. Whats even better is having a herbal & natural oral rinse such as SeaSaline which creates a 100% germ free environment without side effects and adds to better immunity from its potent elements.

Make a great breath impression and see the world get glued to you. Host a great denture by following the SeaSaline CHEWRINSE schedule.

Brushing vs Rinsing

While brushing less than twice a day is inadequate, any more may damage the enamel. Rinsing on the other hand is relatively safer option of clearing your mouth of left over articles especially logged between teeth. This instantly restores the clean environment your mouth needs. Effective reduction in germs causing bad breath, cavities and other oral & health ailments happens when the oral environment is germ free. A potent rinse such as SeaSaline helps achieve this within 15 seconds. CHEERINESS your way to great health with SeaSaline.

Germ free mouth, refreshing breath and renewed hygiene are just some of the positive after effects of rinsing.